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Humane endpoints

Humane endpoints in animal experiments for biomedical research

The organising committee of the 1998 International Conference on Humane Endpoints (HEP) in animal experiments for biomedical research in the Netherlands have published a document containing all details of the conference. As the document is quite extensive, it has been broken down into several downloadable pdf-files below:

  • Preface - download
  • The biomedical sciences and the need for less-inhumane animal procedures - M. Balls - download
  • Humane endpoints in animal experimentation for biomedical research: ethical, legal and practical aspects - D.B. Morton - download
  • The OECD Test Guidelines Programme and animal welfare concern: how to avoid major animal suffering - H.B.W.M. Koëter - download
  • The European Pharmacopoeia and humane endpoints - P. Castle - download
  • Human neonates and pain - J. Bouwmeester, M. van Dijk & D. Tibboel - download
  • Criteria for humane endpoints - J. Richmond - download
  • Physiological and ethological aspects of the assessment of pain, distress and suffering - W. Scharmann - download
  • An applied approach to the assessment of severity - H.R.P. Jones, J. Oates & B.A. Trussell - download
  • Practical use of distress scoring systems in the application of humane endpoints - M.H. Lloyd & S.E. Wolfensohn - download
  • Relating criteria for humane endpoints to objectives - D.J. Fry - download
  • Remote monitoring of experimental endpoints in animals using radiotelemetry and bioimpedance technologies - L.B. Kinter & D.K. Johnson - download
  • Using telemetry to study the effect of protectors on doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in freely-moving mice - K. Kramer, F.A.A. van  Acker, S.A.B.E. van Acker, J.A. Grimbergen, W.J.F. van der Vijgh & A. Bast - download
  • Humane endpoints and the importance of training - J. Hau - download
  • Retrospective evaluation of clinical signs, pathology and related discomfort in chronic studies - J.M. Fentener van Vlissingen, M.H.M. Kuijpers, E.C.M. van Oostrum, R.B. Beems & J.E. van Dijk - download
  • Use of clinical signs in efficacy testing of erysipelas vaccines - S. Johannes, U. Rosskopf-Streicher, D. Hausleithner, H. Gyra & K. Cussler - download
  • The evaluation of humane endpoints in pertussis vaccine potency testing - C.F.M. Hendriksen, B. Steen, J. Visser, K. Cussler, D. Morton & F. Streijger - download
  • Endotoxin in porcine vaccines: clinical signs and safety aspects - M. Krug & K. Cussler - download
  • Refinement in vaccine research at CAMR - S.G.P. Funnell, G. Hall, K. Reddin & A. Robinson - download
  • Determining body temperature using a microchip implant system (W.J. Kort, I.M. Hekking-Weijma, M.T. ten Kate, V. Sorm & R. van Strik - download
  • Clinical signs predicting imminent death in a rat model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis - M.J. Becker, S. de Marie & I.A.J.M. Bakker-Woudenberg - download
  • The need to refine the notion of reduction - A. Kornerup Hansen, P. Sandùe, O. Svendsen, B. Forsman & P. Thomsen - download
  • The re-use of animals for research - a humane endpoint? - J.M. Fentener van Vlissingen - download