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Laboratory Animals Limited (LAL) is a registered charity whose aims are to promote education and training in laboratory animal science, medicine technology and welfare. One of the means by which LAL fulfils its obligations as a charity is to fund a range of initiatives in the field of laboratory animal science.  We provide grants to individuals attending training activities, funding in support of scientific meetings, funding for training courses in countries with no or limited access to education and training in laboratory animal science and many other initiatives. LAL has allocated over £55,000 annually for funding of grants.

The announcements for applications are open in March and September.

Aim of the LAL Grant Programme

The purpose of grants offered by LAL is to promote both the teaching and dissemination of better practices in laboratory animal science. Scientists, students and technical staff from any country can apply for a grant. Grants are not restricted to members of Subscribing Associations.

How we prioritise funding

  1. Applications associated with LAL’s Subscribing Associations’ activities (e.g. courses or conferences organised by Subscribing Associations).
  2. Applications that have the greatest impact. For example:
    • Activities that have a wide international exposure.
    • Attending training courses following the train-the-trainer concept.
    • Speakers who will present to the widest audience.
  3. High quality applications: Funds are limited, so LAL wishes to ensure the highest possibility of success and widest dissemination of knowledge by competent and committed applicants.
  4. Group activities will have priority over individual applications, (e.g. organization of courses, conferences, workshops, scientific sessions at congresses)
  5. Activities in countries in which Laboratory Animal Science is developing.

Types of Funding Available

  • Individual funding. LAL provides grants to individuals who wish to attend appropriate education and training activities. Preference is generally given to applicants from countries with no or limited access to education and training in laboratory animal science, where there is a clear opportunity for conveying information to peers (“train-the-trainer” concept).
  • Events and conferences. LAL provides funding in support of scientific meetings and offers financial assistance for education and training activities in a variety of topics related to laboratory animal science, technology and welfare.
  • Funding for other projects. LAL provides funding for many other initiatives aimed at improving education and training in Laboratory Animal Science, for example translations of relevant scientific or technical material, and development of audiovisual teaching material and websites that are relevant in the field.

Training courses in developing countries. LAL provides funding towards the organization of training courses in countries where Laboratory Animal Science is developing.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for receipt of all applications are 31st March (decision will be made by 30th of June of the same year) and 30th September (decision will be made by 31st of December of the same year).
Applications for Large Projects (grant value over five thousand GB Pounds) must be submitted at least six months before the proposed start date of the project.


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