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SECAL´s Annual Scientific Meeting 2022

SECAL is organizing the X Annual Scientific Meeting in conjunction with the SECAL´s Annual General Assembly. This event will be hybrid. The on-site sessions will take at the main hall of the Jimenez Díaz Foundation in Madrid on November 16th, 2022. All sessions will be broadcast in streaming. Every two years, SECAL organizes a Scientific Meeting to animal technicians, animal caretakers, researchers, students and other personnel working in any field related to animal care and use in biomedical research. The event is totally free and open to everyone, both SECAL´s members and non-members. Although at the time of this request, the speakers of this conference have not been selected, the talks will be related with the “Culture of Animal Well-being” and will include the following sessions: 1) Practical Refinement 2) Personal management 3) Transparency and communication in animal research
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ExpoBioterios (EB) Hybrid will be a face-to-face and virtual event. The Conference will be held in the University of Antioquia in Medellín – Colombia (face-to-face) and the streaming hosted on a platform that will enhance the interaction of the attendees with the speakers. The scheduled days for the event will be September 29th and 30th, 2022.
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Attend a Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare in UAB

The Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare aims to provide expertise and professional excellence in all areas of laboratory animal science relevant to animal experimentation. Specifically, the program is designed for veterinarians and other specialist personnel designated with responsibility for the welfare and care of laboratory animals.
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Speakers at The Irish 3Rs Meeting

We are setting up the first 3Rs Centre in Ireland. This initiative is being explored as a joint approach of the Irish competent authority (HPRA) and academia (Trinity College Dublin), and have already been involved with European 3Rs initiatives like the European 3Rs Centers Platform and ecopa. We would like to organise this first meeting of the Irish 3Rs Centre. The meeting will be held at Trinity College Dublin and aims to gather international experts in different fields of laboratory animal science to serve as a continuous education programme for the Irish community working in the animal research field.
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Speakers at FELASA Designated Veterinarian session

The directive 2010/63/EU estates in its article 25, Designated veterinarian establish the role of the veterinarian in animal facilities, i.e., ‘advisory duties in relation to the well-being and treatment of the animals’. Whereas other areas of the world have well delineated the role of this veterinarian, i.e. chapter four of The Guide in the USA and Canada, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK; in Europe there is a lack of harmonisation and depends not only on the Competent Authority of the country but also on the institution employing the veterinarian the description of the role and the extend to the veterinarian authority. There is thus a need for a harmonised guidance on the role of the Designated Veterinarian across Europe.This FELASA session will help to feed the experience of the European emerging countries in these recommendations for the Designated Veterinarian role.
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