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Development and implementation of a virtual platform to organize a Scientific Congress on the science of laboratory animals

ExpoBiteriosVirtual (EBV) will be a 100% virtual event, hosted on a novel platform that will enhance the interaction of the attendees with the speakers. The latest technological advances will be displayed at a trade show. The scheduled days for the event will be October 16 and 17, 2020. The virtual experience will have a personalized space for the participants. They will be able to experience the energy of entering an event and seeing all the possibilities of learning and networking. The presentations will be in spanish, portuguese and english (with spanish subtitles). These talks will be available on-demand for the attendees. Registration for EBV has a cost of US $ 25. However, we will provide scholarships for all those who need support.
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Open Source Book publication: Experimental Design and Reproducibility in Preclinical Studies

I am requesting funding for an open source book publication: Experimental Design and Reproducibility in Preclinical Studies. This is part of an Open Source Book Series in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine. The purpose of the Open Source Book Series is to promote best practice within the field of Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine, and to share worldwide this information so scientists, students and technical staff working in countries with difficulties accessing this type of publications can have an open source reference. This series aim to have a number of published books related to the field of laboratory animal science and medicine with a very practical approach so to facilitate the day-to-day work of the scientists, students and technical staff working with laboratory animals.
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Annual Scientific Meeting SECAL 2020

SECAL is organizing the IX Annual Scientific Meeting in conjunction with the SECAL Annual General Assembly. The event is totally free and open to everyone, SECAL members and non-members. The topics of the meeting include three different fields: - Euthanasia- new recommendations for mice - Imaging technique and advances in the Three Rs - Facial expression on rodentsDue to the current coronavirus COVID 19 crisis, the topics could be changed/updated and one seminar and a round table about the plans of contingency for animal facilities and the Covid19 pandemic could be also included. This point will be decided at the SECAL Board meeting in May 2020. The funding will be used to several activities: 1. Recording the event in video. 2. Streaming online service. 3. Speakers. Recognized Spanish experts.
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Attend a course organized by FELASA

The Course covers basic training modules for researchers and personnel who perform procedures (function A), take care of animals (function C), euthanize animals (function D) and design procedures and projects (function B). We will be trained to treat laboratory animals in a right way.
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Attend a course in Autonoma University of Barcelona on project evaluation

Process for evaluation of project that use laboratory animals must harmonize with requirements of Directive 2010/63/EU. This grant is necessary to gain access to ETHICS IN ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION, ANIMAL WELFARE AND PROJECT EVALUATION course that is offered by Autonomy University of Barcelona. After training specialist designed Lázara Martinez will realize the annual workshop in project ethical evaluation with new knowledge acquired. After training she will offer workshops to multiplicate new knowledges to Project Leaders, Study Directors, IACUC members and project designer that care and se laboratory animals. Results of these future workshops will be published in Laboratory Animals Journal.
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Attend a course at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Modality: Onsite Location: Facultat de Veterinària. Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona) Dates: from 01/10/2020 to 15/12/2020The UAB Master in Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare has been running since 2000 to provide specialized training for professionals who work with animals for research purposes. The program is accredited by FELASA, the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, and forms part of the UAB Laboratory Animal Residential Program recognised by European College for Laboratory Animal Medicine For the experience and prestige in the science of laboratory animals of both the institution and teachers, as well as for the certification to reproduce the course to specialists in my country Round trip --------------------------- ------------------ € 700 Hotel accommodation ---- €70 –X 76 DAYS----- € 5320 Food and transportation ---- €30 x 76 days ---- € 2280 Course registration ------------------------- € 3200 Total---------------------------------------------- € 11,500
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