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Support for conducting the 15th FRAME Training School in Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis of Bioscience & Biomedical Experiments

FRAME in partnership with universities, NGOs and projects delivers regular training schools in experimental design and statistics to increase awareness among scientists about the need to reduce animal numbers in experiments and to refine procedures. Participants gain a better understanding of how to properly design and effectively analyse their experimental programmes so that they can go on to produce higher quality science, which has made the most efficient use of a minimum number of animals.
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Development and implementation of a virtual platform to organize a Scientific Congress on the science of laboratory animals

ExpoBiteriosVirtual (EBV) will be a 100% virtual event, hosted on a novel platform that will enhance the interaction of the attendees with the speakers. The latest technological advances will be displayed at a trade show. The scheduled days for the event will be October 16 and 17, 2020. The virtual experience will have a personalized space for the participants. They will be able to experience the energy of entering an event and seeing all the possibilities of learning and networking. The presentations will be in spanish, portuguese and english (with spanish subtitles). These talks will be available on-demand for the attendees. Registration for EBV has a cost of US $ 25. However, we will provide scholarships for all those who need support.
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Annual Scientific Meeting SECAL 2020

SECAL is organizing the IX Annual Scientific Meeting in conjunction with the SECAL Annual General Assembly. The event is totally free and open to everyone, SECAL members and non-members. The topics of the meeting include three different fields: - Euthanasia- new recommendations for mice - Imaging technique and advances in the Three Rs - Facial expression on rodentsDue to the current coronavirus COVID 19 crisis, the topics could be changed/updated and one seminar and a round table about the plans of contingency for animal facilities and the Covid19 pandemic could be also included. This point will be decided at the SECAL Board meeting in May 2020. The funding will be used to several activities: 1. Recording the event in video. 2. Streaming online service. 3. Speakers. Recognized Spanish experts.
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