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Guidelines on How to Apply for Funding

All applications

The activity to be funded must focus on education and/or training in laboratory animal science, medicine, technology and welfare. Individual applicants are expected to demonstrate that they are involved in laboratory animal science,  in a bona fide research institute.

A follow-up report of the funded activity / project will be required.

Individual funding to attend training courses

  • Courses intended to attend must be accredited or recognized by a relevant body (e.g. FELASA, Competent Authority, etc.).
  • The application must make clear how the applicant will convey information to peers in his/her own institution or geographical area.
  • A letter(s) of recommendation from the Head of the applicant’s Institute (or equivalent) is required.
  • LAL does not normally fund attendance at scientific meetings or conferences, either as a delegate or a speaker. Consideration may be given, however, from applicants from developing countries, where the meeting/conference provides a clear training opportunity, and the applicant is in a training role in his/her own institution.
  • LAL does not fund an individual’s research project.

Organization of events and conferences

  • Applications from Subscribing Associations (e.g. for funding annual conferences) will generally be given priority.
  • LAL funds scientific sessions, rather than speakers’ travel expenses. Exceptions may be made for international speakers with expertise in a specific topic.
  • A detailed budget including all expected income and expenses is required, including whether other sources of funding are being sought
  • A draft programme is required.
  • As a charity, LAL will not normally fund events/conferences that are expected to make a profit.
  •  LAL must be acknowledged in the programme and proceedings, and at the scientific session(s) funded by LAL. Where appropriate, free space for the LAL display booth/stand should be made available.

Funding for other projects

  • Applications from Subscribing Associations (e.g. translations of key publications) will generally be given priority.
  • Projects likely to reach a wide audience will be given priority.

Training courses in developing countries

The following information is required:

  • The CV and a description of the credentials of the individual organising the event.
  • A letter of support from a senior figure (e.g. Department Head) in the Organisation/Institution where the event is being held.
  • A detailed budget, including any financial or other support offered by the Organisation/Institution.
  • Details of the course dates, venue and timetable.
  • Description of facilities available.
  • Qualifications of local speakers.
  • Details of the Ethical Review of the use of animals in the training proposal at the Institution where the event is being held.
  • Target group and expected number of attendees.
  • Means and venues of advertising course.
  • Intention of continuing to offer this course in the future.

To apply for funding, please download and carefully read the instruction file (LAL Bursary Guidelines) and submit your application via the available form.


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