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Support for conducting the 15th FRAME Training School in Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis of Bioscience & Biomedical Experiments

FRAME in partnership with universities, NGOs and projects delivers regular training schools in experimental design and statistics to increase awareness among scientists about the need to reduce animal numbers in experiments and to refine procedures. Participants gain a better understanding of how to properly design and effectively analyse their experimental programmes so that they can go on to produce higher quality science, which has made the most efficient use of a minimum number of animals.
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Attend a Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare in UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Master in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare is accredited by the Felasa and forms part of the UAB Laboratory Animal Residential Program recognised by European College for Laboratory Animal Medicine. The program aims to provide expertise and professional excellence in all areas of laboratory animal science relevant to animal experimentation. Specifically, the program is designed for veterinarians and other specialist personnel designated with responsibility for the welfare and care of laboratory animals.
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Science Divulgation-triptych leaflet and posters

This project consists of promoting science divulgation through posters and a triptych leaflet. On this website you will find some posters by SECAL These materials will also be distributed among all our association members and by all channels available: SECAL’s web site, email distribution list, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
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Attend a course of MSc. Laboratory Animal Science

In the Master of Laboratory Animal Science program, the knowledge acquired in Bachelor's program is specialised and deepened in scientific, laboratory animal science aspects. The graduates have a detailed knowledge of animal experiments based on the latest scientific findings in laboratory animal science. This includes all areas of planning, carrying out, evaluating and improving animal experiments in compliance with the latest legal regulations and ethical criteria as well as animal-friendly husbandry, care and care of the animals.
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